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We are the proud owners of                                             which  is the leader in the telecommunications industry & are known for  our Closeout Documentation Delivery System, (Tower-Pro) with  lightning fast (Cloud Based Servers). Tower-Pro is a standardized  delivery systems “WebApp” Software Solution for Cell Tower  Network Implementation Deployments. AT&T Turf 3.0 Contract  Premier “WebApp” which is utilized & provided for Turf Vendors to  standardize the process for their approved General Contractors.  It is the preferred method of delivery for AT&T Closeout Turnover




L & A - LINES & ANTENNAS From simplest Antenna Change out to the most complex site update with multiple technologies being added at the same time !   o ANTSWAP, o BAU o ETTCS o FTTCS o LTE 1C, 2C, 3C, o NSB o SECTOR SPLIT o UMTS 1C, 2C, 3C, 4C, 5C, 6C o UMTS MULTI  You name it, our crews have done it !


 of all Document’s & Photo Deliverables. It walks you through the entire project STEP by STEP as it controls your Order Management - “Auditing Requirements”. Driver ID “Driven” with our Applied Logic where we ensure your vendors get you what you need every time, on time, the first time. Its time to ensure your firm no longer gets bits and pieces of required deliverables: TELECOMCLOSEOUTS.COM !

Serving the World in Motion !

    TOWER ERECTION / STACKING We have stacked almost any kind of tower you can imagine : o Light Poles, o Flag Poles o Monopoles o Self Supporter o Guyed Towers o Broadcasting AM/FM o Broadcasting TV  You name it, our crews done it !
            TOWER MODIFICATIONS We have conducted many modification for our clients all over the United States and have many vendors that support our projects as well across the country, so if your looking for support we can help : o Foundation Modifications o Welding / General Beef ups, o Replacements & Reinforcements Leg Reinforcement  Pipe  U-Bolt  Plate o Surface Coating Repairs o Tensioning, etc You name it, our crews done it !
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“ Tower-Pro “


We thrive to provide the most up to date solutions. Feel free to contact us anytime with questions. SERVING THE WORLD IN MOTION !
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