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Company logo’s, Company Branding can be provided on all your reports. Doesn’t matter who your client is, we have them all covered nationally for you.. STORAGE, Backup copies of all documents and photos. “Default process” Drag & Drop functionality making it simple to confirm everything has been provided for the project by adding them into the appropriate locations on a per program initiative set structure 1C, 2C, 3C, 4C, 5C, 6C, GSM, UMTS & LTE. We handle the Logic, just let us know who your needing it for. We have most of the deliverables already and know their requirements, because we work for them all too ! Automated Screen Scraping, FTP or API’s, so you can transfer all files to your clients websites like “Siterra”, “FileNet”, SharePoint” Company credentials aren’t needed as we set it up for you to be over the login, which provided you security with no doubts about privacy. Project Overview Snapshots & eMail Notices, can set each project to provide simple emails that list all files provided at each Milestone stage. Shows all (”DOCUMENTS, PHOTOS”) it labeled which shows what is being provided to your client @ each Milestone. This feature can be used against “PHOTO CHECKLIST” which makes it easy to validate and handle Audits instead of your “Order Management Department” being bogged down and always behind. As we do all that for them already.
KEY FEATURES, we have it built to be versitle as It is 100% Customizable and can be altered with ease for all of your requirements with unlimited options available.       You want it we build it.
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No more need to chase documents, they will be provided internally now! When you use (TOWER-PRO) it is as simple as 1, 2 3. (TOWER-PRO) is Driver ID “DRIVEN” for the AT&T Turf 3.0 Program Nationally.      ( DOWNLOAD INTRO ! )
Paste Driver ID’s into system & Site automatically adjusts to the Scope of Work. Enter all “Requested Data Fields” which fill out the required Documents. Take all “Required Photos” with ease, upload buttons are next to required Photo’s.
We list all Documents & Photos you are required to turn in. It is that simple!
It is simply what we all need, better insight and collaboration in the telecom industry. So with our (RWD) Responsive Website Design of TOWER PRO with our “WebApp” users can see and manage the projects with a higher degree of flexibility and professional manner in Real-Time as our system is not just for uploading the final documents and photos. TOWER PRO is an enhanced “WebApp” which is fully automated & allows ease with automation and standardization for approved vendors, plus Project Synchronization between Departments and Employee. Assignments to Employees and General Contractors, Scheduling made easy with CTS Ticket Number Tracking and full Project Monitoring & Tracking in Real-Time of all phases of the job from “MS30” to “MS160” Construction Complete for all of your projects nationally in any market. With these added features, which provide faster, expanded access to all project files with our internal Site Document Delivery System, all project data will be readily available by a click of a button accompanied with serious insight in real-time, plus your project management and reporting will be a breeze. See it all being built in real time with daily updates. Also the enhanced and Customizable (Project Trail) - MileStone Status Reporting lets users filter through the reporting on sites as they are being worked on which will significantly increase your reporting accuracy & making it easier to drill down & isolate plus leverage all vital information about each project as needed. Our enhanced role-based management features / accounts allow for a more professional project rollout with your teams. These features are ideal for Larger Corporation like Turf Vendors that have Multi-Markets and Multi Vendors/Contractors supporting the project build outs they manage for the carrier. It offers a high level of security that each member are doing their part to provide the utmost high level of Data Integrity, and providing a secure way for the end clients to sign off on the projects in an extremely professional environment where everything is virtually at their fingertips. To keep up with our customers’ expectations, we are consistently seeking ways to provide solutions that are easy to use, more reliable and meet or exceed project deployment & implementation expectations. Therefore, we created a visual and simpler approach to managing the most complex projects out there. It is accessible through a secure web browser anywhere in the world, making intelligence and advanced management capabilities available at all times, even while on vacation you can feel self-assured your business is up and running smooth even without you there. Maintaining your client’s networks status quo is not a viable option with great accuracy while using spreadsheets. As you well know, they simply are not always up to date. Because, the slightest glitch and it can cause serious issue for you from incorrect information being provided to the end client which can cause network disruption or impact client & customer satisfaction thus making you look bad. So this is why we have broken away from the spreadsheets & workbooks of the world and consolidated all of our efforts in one easy to use dynamic environment “Online via” our website “WebApp” we call (TOWER-PRO). So now, you can rest self-assured that everyone is on the same page & staying in-sync at all times in Real-Time. 1. Mobile Access for iOS, Android, BlackBerry, and Windows phones, & all Tablets. 2. Document & Photo requirement listing for every project. 3. Constants for every project = Example: MC200, CM100, PM218. Just let us know what your company wants to have available at all times. 4. Data Entry Forms to track everything for all Milestones which creates Required Document from – (MS30-MS160) a. OEM b. NREA c. EH&S d. SITE ACQ e. CONSTRUCTION f. WA’s & CO’s g. Super Drivers 5. Automatic Naming of all Documents & Photos per each project. 6. Three sides to the system, available : Admin - “Turf Vendor” Portal side of system. Employee/General Contractor side of system. End Client “AT&T” side of system. AT&T can now login to review projects & approve them in real time, plus see issues & approve the projects internally. 7. NFSD Login & Logout Monitoring page 8. CTS Ticket # & Active Project Dates issued by the Construction Managers to the Employee or General Contractor Tower Crews 9. Watch (Live) in Real-Time project deployment. 10. Conduct Quality Control “Evaluations” in Real-Time during deployment “LIVE” as the crews conduct the work. 11. Safety Documents can be added during initialization of projects, JHA, Controlled Descent, and Job Completion Notifications via customization per each company. 12. Customizable Project Trail for automated “MileStone Reporting” to AT&T. 13. Data Storage with Scalable Capacity Increases via the click of a button. 14. Invoicing integration – Available and can be added via customization. (Setup costs apply). 15. Storage Transfer – Available and can be added via customization any way your firm needs, (setup costs apply). This simple yet powerful Closeout Documentation Management Solution provides smarter work-order scheduling, real-time job status acceptance & updates, internal documentation delivery & a complete project deployment overview that can be customized any way your firm needs.                                                                                                                                       “ CORE SOLUTION OVERVIEW ”            (Tower-Pro) try it out today, 1-877-916-4388 x 501
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